How do you turn your market-leading designs into products that transform the way people work, play and live? Getting early access to groundbreaking technology is critical. But just as important is finding a vendor who has broad and deep category expertise to help you enhance your ideas. A vendor who is as committed to success as you are. A vendor who is willing to work with you every step of the way--from design to delivery--to ensure success. That s Toshiba.


A Single-Source Solution for Semiconductors, Storage and LCD Displays


The Toshiba commitment covers a wide range of electronic components, making us a single-source option for a number of solutions and customers.


Toshiba semiconductor content is the heartbeat within market-leading designs. We re committed to enabling product breakthroughs with advanced, reliable electronic components and responsive customer care. In building relationships with OEMs, ODMs, CMs, VARs and fabless chip companies, as well as retailers and distribution partners, Toshiba possesses the secret to success of technology companies.


Toshiba works closely with design engineers to navigate and define the ever-changing need for innovation.


Through proven commitment and lasting relationships, Toshiba electronic components and semiconductors make possible today s latest smartphones, tablets, digital music players, cameras, medical devices, printers, automotive products and more. Click the tabs above to learn about the ways Toshiba works harder than ever to deliver on our commitment to your success. See how we can be a window of opportunity for you.




Developing semiconductors and storage products that bring your market-leading designs to life requires a strong commitment to capital investment and innovation witnessed by on going technology patents.


As a leading patent holder, Toshiba had 1,669 utility patents granted in the United States in 2009, ranking 5th in the world for total number of patents granted between 1969 and 2009 (U.S. Patent Office) 6th for 2010 and 5th with 2483 patents in 2011. (IFI s 2010 and 2011 Top-50 Patent Assignees). Many of the breakthroughs we ve pioneered have been critical to breakout customer successes:


  • Principal innovator of Flash memory
  • Toshiba acquires Fujitsu HDD business, creating the broadest portfolio of products in the storage industry
  • Leader in high-image quality 2.0/3.2/5.0/8.0 and higher mega pixel CMOS image sensors for camera-enabled smart phones, featuring BSI technology.
  • Advanced process technologies enable 19nm memory devices
  • Key offerings for custom chips include 65nm, 40nm and 28nm CMOS Standard Cell libraries.
  • Toshiba adds 500GB USB 2.0 portable external hard disk drive (HDD) to personal storage line

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